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18 October 2023
GREENET Brokerage Event for HE Cluster 5 - 2024 calls

Access to Pitching Session livestream

Participants looking for partners will have a unique opportunity to present their organizations and ideas for project proposals in front of the audience in the form of a brief oral presentation (4 minutes max. and only one presentation per entity or proposal idea).

10:00 Introduction and GREENET presentation.

    Juan Francisco Reyes. CDTI

10:10-10:45 Pitches

1. Peter Scanes. TAE Power Solutions.

2. Sebastian Hörold. CLARIANT.

3. Tadeusz Daszczyński. Warsaw University of Technology, Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department.

4. George Suciu. BEIA.

5. Julio Cesar De Luca. IRT Jules Verne.

6. Gotelenne Piaton. CMMI.

7. Pierre Roy. CNRS.

10:45-11:20 Pitches

8. Leonardo Bonatto. ENLINE.

9. Birgit Bittmann-Hennes. IVW.

10. Ufuk Cem Cakir. Dogus Teknoloji.

11. İlknur Senem Çayıroğlu. TOFAS.

12. Roxana Pop. Habitech Distretto Tecnologico Trentino.

13. Annarita Leserri. PIN BIKE.

14. David Gale. STRYKER.

11:25 -12:00 Pitches

15. Marina Beltri. TECNOAMBIENTE.

16. Tamás Benedek. Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

17. Mehmet Çelik. Ford Otosan.

18. Sabrina Bassetto. SPINDOX.

19. Alessandro Bigi. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

20. Sylvain Raynal. CAPGEMINI.

21. Haijun Ruan. Coventry University.

22. Juan Riaza. Global Factor.

23. Fabio Cardona. University of Palermo.


The high-quality presentations received but not selected, can be downloaded at the next link.


For the presentation during the oral session please use the recommendations included in this TEMPLATE.

Please note that:

Due to time constraints, the selection criteria will follow the next order or preference:

1. Project ideas.

2. Entity profiles linked to specific topics (first come first served basis).

3. Entity profiles.

We only accept ONE presentation per entity.

Presentation order during the event will be following the date of reception of the final version of the PowerPoint presentation and not the date of registration.

    Deadline to submit your presentation: 8th of September (postponed UNTIL 15th of September)

    Please send your presentation with the following subject: Oral presentation GREENET Brokerage Event for HE Cluster 5 - 2024 calls – Name of the organisation to  juanfrancisco.reyes@cdti.esjuancarlos.garcia@cdti.es, marta.herrero@cdti.es, cristiana.leandro@ani.pt and mariajoao.fernandes@ani.pt.

    Don’t forget to send it in PDF and specify the area/areas covered:

    • Climate sciences and responses.
    • Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition.
    • Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply.
    • Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use.
    • Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes.
    • Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods.

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